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[LUG] D-link modem router problem


Hi everyone.
I recently went over to broadband using a D-link modem router.
I was running SUSE 9.2 at the time and the problem was I couldent connect to the online update site.I was'nt too concerned as I was pretty much updated and I was waiting for 9.3 to come out.
I have now done a clean install of 9.3 and have the same problem but also Firefox and Mozilla wont connect to the internet.The funny thing is Conqueror will and then sometimes after using Conqueror Firefox and Mozilla will work.
The same goes for Thunderbird,it will only connect sometimes and after using Kmail which seems to work.
The online update wont connect even after using Conqueror or Kmail.
I get the message cannot fetch remote server list possible solution check network connections.
Any ideas where to start,I can access the routers setup from Firefox.
I have tried turning off the firewall,that did'nt help.
The modem router works fine in windowsxp.The only setup needed for windows is to tell it to automatically assighn ip address in the TCP/IP properties.
Is there such a setting in SUSE?

Mike Tidball

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