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[LUG] Debian masterclass in Devon??

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Last year it seemed that even keeping abreast of major GNU/Linux distros
was beyond the wit of all but professional industry watchers.

This year I feel the same way about Debian, and it's derivatives.

I'd like to organise a meet, somewhere with bandwith and possibly a
local Debian mirror for the event, and bash through some of the
"current" Debian stuff.

I want to try UserLinux.
I want to use the RC1 of the new Debian Installer (especially now it has
a RAID install - I can supply a dual IDE box which is a bit ropey but
will do).
I want to compare this with the Knoppix -> Debian route (which I haven't
tried yet despite it being kind of easy).
I want Matt to get some more of his Macs liberated from MacOS 9 or less,
I hope Matt does.

I want others to say what they want to try in this area!
Surely someone is tempted to mimic Joey's install from USB keyfob?

I could do all these myself in my copious spare time, but I figure it
will be quicker to do it as one weekend with a little help from some
friends, and I'll probably learn more quicker.

Anyway if you too are a Debian convert or want to be one, or wish to
supply hardware (especially things like a Debian mirror, and cabling),
CDs, and especially know-how.....

I'd see this as more a "show and tell" like event, maybe spend a morning
setting up, and playing a bit with the items of choice. A quick talk by
the most knowledgable on each topic with demo (who may know only what
was learnt that morning!), then a chance for others to repeat installs.

Anyone else have similar itches that need scratching?

After Debian I want to do content management systems, but that is
another story....
Comment: Using GnuPG with Debian - http://enigmail.mozdev.org


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