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[LUG] Multiple pointers in X.

I have seen an innovative idea recently http://www.quorumtools.com/

Its linux based and could (I think) be used in a classroom environment to
aid collaborative thinking and it associated social skills. The only thing
is it looks too pricey and the value added source is not "free" (as far as I
can see).

Now I would like to implement something similar using less prestigious
hardware and my usual ham fisted coding / scripting techniques (100% GPL of
course). The quorum kit uses multiple wacom tablets connected to the box. I
have cobbled together a driver for a much less expesive (ok cheap and
chearful) Genius 4x3 PenWizzard USB. Its kind of stable but needs
calibration work and only works through the kernel input module (ie it
doesnt have a separate X module for additional control).

Now to my question : 

The quorum device can have 4 separate tablets plugged into the box and
provide 4 different coloured "marker pens" for drawing on the whiteboard.
Now using a standard distro and my cobbled driver I can simultainously have
two tablets plugged in no problem ....... except I only have one pointer on
the screen, so both devices "fight" each other (and the mouse as well),
which is kind of defeating the object when your trying to create a tool to
be used collaboratively !

So does anyone on dclug know how I could configure X to have two (preferably
up to 8) separate and independantly controlled pointers in an X session at
the same time, or do I need to rewrite X or  write a specific application or
write a special driver for X ? (My prefered route would be to configure but
Im not holding my breath).

PS if anyone has got somewhere I can post my ridiculously stupid Genius
Driver for 2.4.18 kernel (eeek out of date ) (ok call it a 5 line hack of
the wacom usb dirver) please let me know. I was going to post on sourceforge
but they turned me down :( As I said its stable (as in doesnt crash) but a
little bit jittery.


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