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Re: [LUG] oooh sound!

I use XMMS with the infinite visulisation plugin....
Looks great,


Aaron Trevena wrote: at last I have sound working on my linux box.

Gnome sound is very configurable but enlightenment sound is set in the
theme and very odd. MP3's actually sound better than on 'doze which is

- but what MP3 player to use? FreeAmp is quite cool but has no
Graphic EQ or playlist editor. XMMS? no KDE stuff as its all still pig

I had a cool idea for a handy perl script - based on the faq - run a check
for frequent mis-configuration and typo's and misc stupidness for a
problem, for example sound not working (check if alsasound enabled in rc
when it shouldn't be (ie SB16), check if OSS running check if sound
module loaded, check what ISA/PCI cards are running), should be easy to
build an interface where you click on a FAQ and it displays the official A
as well as checking to see if you have done what it says not too. cool eh?

on yet another tack - does anybody know a good tutorial on enlightenment
themes as I have a couple of ideas for anime themes.


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