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[LUG] got kppp working


Just a quick note

I reinstalled mandrake 7,  I think the cd mounting problem is with the 
2.2.14 kernel as the 2.2.12 kernel supplied with definite 7 (linux format) 
works, ok,  but I find that mandrake gives a working kppp account which is 
great,  I have a mail from cheapbytes which says that the mandrake 7.1  
(hydrogen) beta is in so hopefully it will be available through linux 
emporium at some point and this will hopefully solve this mounting prob.  In 
the meantime I can play with Linux and the internet and I am almost at the 
point where I can forget about Windows (at last).  I'll probably just use it 
for games.

Anyway bye for now


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