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[LUG] Linux ISO images

Yet another useful URl that I shall pass on (and yet again from /. (credit
where credit is due)).


A load of ISO images that you can download.  A one-stop shop as it were.

WARNING: Downloading these via you modem will make it melt!  ;-)

If you don't ant to download them and burn them, then linux emporium
(www.linuxemporium.co.uk) sell a lot of v.cheap CD's (2.50 each the last
time I looked)

R (kinda bored so I am wasting someone else's phone bill  :-) ).

Robert Callaghan (norm at termisoc.org)
PGP FingerPrint: B29E 6BB5 B4F0 38D8 CCA9  3BEB EDF0 0A36 9732 7173

"Well, what else were you expecting?"

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