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[LUG] Mount command and a CD RW

I have a sony CDRW and have just installed Mandrake 7 (air) from the PC Plus cdrom.  The install went fine from the cdrom,  When I double click on the cdrom icon on the KDE desktop I get "Could not read" File not found
I have figured out that the cdrom is mounted on /mnt/cdrom.  In addition I have tried to alter the URL to reflect this in the properties dialog box but this still does not work. 
I have attached the mtab and fstab files for reference
            Read        Write     Execute    special
User      *                *
One thing that is apprant is that when i actually click on the cd icon it tries to read from the floppy drive and or disk, 
DIR                        Device                Type
/mnt/cdrom            /mnt/cdrom            supermount
the dir and device fields are ok I think but I am unsure about supermount as
in my RH Linux  6 Unleashed book it is mounted as iso9660 which sounds 
The same goes for the console I get a device error report when trying to cd to /mnt/cdrom
my / partition is 1 gb and my /home is also about the same.  I have a swap which is bigger than 127 mb,  has the size allowance changed recently as at one time if one needed more then 127 you had to use more then one swap.  Not a problem but may save time and hassle on later installs.
How do I get windows back to default o/s as I still use windows for some stuff at least until I can get Linux working the way I want it.  I had to do a fdisk /mbr
as somehow the option to boot windows disappeard.  I thought about changing the order of the o/s list in the lilo.conf file but upon examining this I found that it was not listed in any particular order.  It's fixed for now,  I guess to reinstall lilo I just re-run it, as at present I have to use a boot floppy which is a pain but it works. 
Sorry for the long winded mail but I have a 90% working system and would like to iron out these small problems,
PS  I am still working on ways to promote the group.  I am also working on a web site so once it is up and running I will send you the URL



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