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Re: [LUG] RedHat...

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, John Horne wrote:

> ...until your 15gb disk fails and then you have lost 15gb. I still prefer to
> buy multiple smaller disks albeit that there are only so many you can fit
> into a non-scsi pc 

I think its about time they brought out meide (Mega EIDE - (c) Chas MM) a
mobo with 4 ide contollers rather than 2 (how did we ever manage with 1?)

(perhaps USB helps out here - no experience of it so I
> couldn't say). At least with seperate disks you have 'something' to use in
> case of a failure - albeit that you may have to rebuild the system on what is
> left. Just my thoughts.

Or occasionally burn /home to a cd :)

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