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Me doing follow-up support....depends on how much we can teach them and
how clued-up they are to begin with.

Fundamental issue here (as commented on in forwarded email):

Are we dealing with just an office network?  Just the server side or
clients as well (Linux on the desktop side is inadvisable at this stage -
it's just not stable/consistent enough for use by "your average
user").  What services are they looking at providing?  What hardware do
they have available?

If we're dealing with a webserving aspect as well, we're going to need to
think seriously about things. Foremost issue in my mind on this is
security (an issue which I don't mind taking ownership of btw).  Then of
course we need to look at scalability and availability - to examine this
in any detail we need more details as what kind of traffic is being
expected (quantities, etc) and details about what kind of service is being
offerred.  As it is we know all too little about what this company
actually want to do.

Leaving the actual set-up of the network to one side, what do the people
who are running it know?  What systems/infrastructure do they already have
in place?  Are they fairly up on standard Unix sysadmin procedures? (it's
quite an easy transition to Linux)  Or are they an NT house?  Does their
knowledge extend to IP, DNS, etc etc?

I'd much rather we all go in knowing exactly what we have to do (as a
group and as individuals) and where our responsibility begins and
ends...otherwise we'll all  go in bickering over whos doing what and
there'll be no real productive outcome.


Jon Still  <jon at termisoc.org>

Warp 7 -- It's a law we can live with.

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