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[LUG] User group promotion

mailto:lonehacker at hotmail.com
It's good to see a user group for the south west. As a new member of the group I would like to wish everyone best of luck with the group and hope we can expand.
On the subject of expansion. I would like to put a flyer in Paignton library let other users know about the group, I have a draft on paper, basically it just has the following
Internet mailing list for users of the Linux operating system in the Devon and Cornwall area.
I have also included the web page http://lug.termisoc.org/
and details on how to subscribe i.e send a mail to majordomo at lists.termisoc.org
If it is ok with the organisers/other members of the group I would like to submit it for display in the library, It's in colour and basic but gets the message across.
I would be grateful if you would please let me know if this is ok, The flyer is still subject to examination by the library staff.
In the meantime I use Red Hat 6.1 so and will try to help other users in anyway I can. I am not an expert though.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from other local linux users. 

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