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Re: [LUG] Virtual Lug meet


Hello folk,
Attention Paul Sutton,
Paul Sutton via list <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Paul Sutton <paulsutton@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear folk,
20220917 at 13.44
I tried to join at 13.40.

Meeting Jitsi as on DCLug page empty.
I was only meting person.

URL used was


Is this correct?

Have you had a meeting?

Kindest regards
Eion MacDonald

On 16/09/2022 16:22, Paul Sutton via list wrote:
Hi, All

As far as I am aware, this Saturday 17/9/2022 is the virtual lug meet on Jitsi.  Starting at about 12:00 midday.


Eion MacDonald

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