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Re: [LUG] Mailing List Archive - Needed?


I agree with Eion on this, so YES it is needed, it's a historical record
of the lug,  has lots of useful information if you go back and search.

The internet archive is already under attack from copy right holders,
even though it is there to keep a historical record of websites not to
breach copyright in that sense.

There is probably enough information in that archive to keep a PhD
student busy for years writing about the LUG and how it has helped so
many people,. how technology has changed etc.


On 25/06/2020 15:07, Eion MacDonald wrote:
> To DCLug,Members,
> Attention:  list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>  copy maceion (Gmail) <maceion@xxxxxxxxx>
> Dear folk,
> 20200625
> Re: [LUG] Mailing List Archive - Needed?
> 1 For personal use, it is searchable for problems with many wise
> answers. [Trusted source.]
> 2. For  historical reasons.
> It is a very great asset.
> Would you 'trash' the Transactions of the Royal Society, which are
> likewise searchable (Physical mail  letters etc in person at HQ)
> Journals on line and in print.
> The development of any technology is an extremely valuable resource to
> historians and to other technical enquiries.
> It gives insight to matters of interest at that time.
> [For example, the absolute non mention of Vitamin D, Masks ( reduce
> spread per Hong Kong hamster experiments in January 2020) are the
> searchable defects into government pronouncements.
> They limited medics ONLY to advise from random double blind tests. Umn!
> That does reduce the extreme quality of announcements and
> recommendations. Early lock down (political decision); face covering
> like Taiwan, Vitamin D supplement to darker skin would have helped.
> Its the traceability of these records that allow future analysis.
> PS I almost killed a dark skinned person because my team were used to
> lighter skinned Gurkhas and white folks. We missed O2 starvation on one
>  very dark skinned  person as his lips did not perceptibly darken on O2
> scarcity. On investigation his Vitamin D was about only 20% of the
> whites , and about 40% of the Gurkhas.
> I have spent time researching old emails (in another context) to
> establish use of machines and competence due to investigation into a
> medical condition
> PS the archive does not contain information other than an email address
> used in correspondence { or  given names in some texts}. Any such
> address once sent is the property of the recipient and on public forums
> is public information.
> (Not a GDPR problem.)
> Kindest regards,
> (Memories of potential court marshal for manslaughter still wake me up)
> Eion MacDonald
> On 25/06/2020 13:50, Alex Charrett wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> The LUG website hosts an archive of this very mailing list dating back
>> 21 years (blimey!) http://www.dcglug.org.uk/archive/
>> In the world where people can request to be forgotten under GDPR this
>> means that hosting this content involves being resonsible for dealing
>> with such requests.
>> Does anyone get any value out of the mailing list archive?  Much of it
>> is incredibly old now.
>> If not it may make sense to stop publishing mails and to remove the
>> archive entirley.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex.

Paul Sutton
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