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Re: [LUG] Lost setup


On 20/06/2020 07:46, Neil wrote:
On 19/06/2020 20:59, comrade meowski wrote:

Well you're not going to like this but it's time to boot a live system, chroot into your install and fix up the bootloader then.

Warning: I'm not at all convinced of your diagnosis.

Some more information you'll have to harvest from a live boot system about your existing installation would be ideal.

Check Secure Boot settings in the UEFI as well - disable it if it's back on for some reason.

There are multiple ways to attack this - if your system has a EFI shell available (which it doesn't seem to) we could use that to manually load the operating system. You could also interrupt a live system early in boot and drop to it's grub prompt: we could then use that to correctly locate and then load the OS as well. Both are somewhat advanced and are going to be hellish to try and explain via a mailing list though.

Full live boot and chroot are probably going to be the most intelligible to you but I'd be prepared for a hard slog, this isn't going to be pretty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, thanks for the encouragement. I have checked and secure boot is off. The date shown in the BIOS is correct.

As I have said, I can run it from a live USB and can then read all the files on the SSD.

I don't know what an EFI shell is, so will have a Google for it.

Could it be as simple as a loose connection?


(I did send this yesterday, but it seems to have got lost in the ether)

It might be worth just checking for a loose cable - I've had that before, causing intermittent problems on boot.

Massively frustrating for something so simple...


Kind regards,

Mark Smith

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