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Re: [LUG] minimalist graphics card carrying MB


On 04/06/2020 18:45, rich@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Please forgive me if I don't know what I am taking about but is this something that you could do with a Raspberry Pi cluster please?

No such thing as stupid questions my friend! In short yes, but only if you want your results returned in months rather than minutes - at least for the type of ML/AI stuff we're talking about here. A single bog standard budget gamer £300 GPU would absolutely destroy as many RPis clustered together that you could get your hands on for any workload you'd care to run on it.

I have a Kubernetes cluster here consisting mainly of RPis but it's the sort of thing you build for fun and learning - even distributed compile jobs of native ARM packages run like a dog on it.

Generally speaking, there is no lower bound for entry into fun stuff like ML or clustering - just use whatever crap you've got to hand for a first go and it'll probably work, just not "seriously".

If you want to do things even vaguely "properly" for "real" workloads, then get out your chequebook. Low end ML systems clock in at many thousands of pounds to even get started. We live in times where your average teenage reddit-denizen gamer has a ~£1k RTX GPU just for playing Fortnite or whatever...

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