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Re: [LUG] Jittery playback


On 01/06/2020 21:43, rich@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Just to add, I use Vivaldi as my browser, tonight I used Firefox on the second 
monitor and it had a slight hiccup but nothing more than a couple of seconds. Is 
there anyway of looking at my activity to see if Vivaldi is causing a problem please?

Your problem is a lack of hardware accelerated playback of video in your web browser, specifically Vivaldi. Firefox works where Vivaldi doesn't because of all the recent work done on activating webrender for Firefox on Linux - Vivaldi is Chrome-based and thus needs Chrome-style modifications/codecs/etc to work. Mozilla have done all the work for you which is why Firefox _does_ work - and you've got lucky on that quite frankly, hardware accelerated browser video playback is a mess on Linux which we've talked about here on the LUG multiple times previously.

My advice to you is count your blessings and just use Firefox for that job - switch back to Vivaldi for all your other non-video playback browsing if preferred. Predictably I've got basically All The Browsers installed here including Vivaldi so I'll have a go at youtube via Vivaldi later out of curiosity to see what happens - maybe there's an easy fix for you that'll shake loose.

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