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Re: [LUG] Wife's computer


On Fri, 7 Feb 2020 12:47:34 +0000
Neil <barnaby@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Neil,

>I would set her up with her own password, and obviously copy over any 
>files as necessary, including profiles. I would also like her to have 
>root available, mainly for updates.

If you do updates on that machine, then she doesn't need root to do the
same.  Just a duplication (and therefore, waste) of effort.

What Steve said......

If the arrangement is only temporary, do you really need to copy her
files etc. across?  Because that might be more effort than it's worth.
Especially as you're going to be wiping it later, anyway.

In short - how long do you expect temporary to be?
A day or two.
Like Income Tax.  (Introduced as a temporary measure to fund a war.  Over
a hundred years later, and we've still got it.)

 Regards  _
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