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Re: [LUG] Raspberry Pi v4


On 25/06/2019 13:31, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Jun 2019, mr meowski wrote:
>>> They finally ditched that stupid USB bridge chip - so USB3 comes from a
>>> PCIe bus and Gigabit is on its own.
>>> Just read
>>> https://blog.hackster.io/meet-the-new-raspberry-pi-4-model-b-9b4698c284
>>> for
>>> a good overview.
>> Yeah I can read chief! Gordon's had an actual pre-release unit for
>> testing for a while though so I'm far more interested in any empirical
>> data he cares to share than what the spec sheet says...
> There's really nothing more that I can add to what Al has said there.
> I've not done any benchamrks on it other than a few iperfs on the
> Ethernet - and got ~990Mb/sec over it without doing anything too
> special. See Roy Longbottoms posts/pages for some real benchmarks.
> If I compile my RTB BASIC interpreter on it using:
>   make # get as much in the cache as possible
>   make clean
>   time make -j4
> then I get:
> real    0m1.596s
> user    0m4.104s
> sys    0m0.360s
> on my i3 desktop, and:
> real    0m3.753s
> user    0m11.019s
> sys    0m2.175s
> On the Pi v4. This is with a bog-standard SD card. Might be faster
> with a fast usb3 drive/SSD.
> It will need a fan for anything more than casual use, although if you
> have a good heatsink and allow airlow over it, then you'll be OK too.
> See the Pimoroni fan shim and their heatsink cases for it. I have a
> 12v 40mm fan sitting over mine right now (powered off the 5v line - so
> it's virtually silent)
> The 4GB model is good enough for casual work - youtube works fine in
> full HD (I dont have 4K monitors) the dual-screen works - triple
> screen (via the DSI port may work in the future)
> So, just another small factor Linux system. Add USB3 drives and you
> have the makings of a nice little home NAS or media system.
> DO get  GOOD usbc power supply. Don't skimp on that bit. And remember,
> it's a power supply you need NOT a charger.
> Gordon

Hi Gordon

If you're coming to the next Tech Jam on the 6th July can you bring this
with you, so we can have a closer look please :)


Paul Sutton
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