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[LUG] Noisy External Hard Disk


Hi Folks,

So, I have had a bit of spare time lately and I think I have managed to setup my pi (B+) as some network attached storage (I have learned heaps :-)).

I have plugged in x2 external hard disks. Both have their own power supplies. Both are the same size - 2TB. Both connect via USB to the pi. The pi's power source is a 1A HTC mobile charger. I understand that this is too low, but it's what I had to hand and everything appears to be working fine.

I have shoved the lot in a cupboard and have left it on. It's headless, accessed via ssh.

I was hoping for a virtually noiseless environment. However, one of the disks (Seagate) is constantly spinning and making an annoying hum. It does not appear to be writing/reading data - at least a cannot hear the clicking sound I normally associate with such. The other disk (Western Digital) sits dead quiet until it's in use; and even then it is a lot quieter than the Seagate drive. The SG drive is notable warmer than the WD drive, presumably since it is always spinning. I do not suspect anything to be wrong with either drive. They are both fairly new and have a "low mileage".

Rightly or wrongly (?) I am using the WD disk as a "master" (for want of a better phrase), which is rsync'ed every hour to the "slave" Seagate disk. Each disk is mounted manually with no options; ie, mount /dev/sd?? /mount/point??.

I don't know enough about how disk drives work, but I think the WD disk controller or the pi itself is putting the WD drive into a "standby" mode and spinning it down? Perhaps? Whilst the SG drive does not appear to do the same.

Could anyone suggest a way to investigate this further please?

Bright ideas on a post card...

Many thanks
Roly :-)

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