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Re: [LUG] Update not available


On 27/07/17 18:31, mr meowski wrote:
On 27/07/17 18:25, Brad Rogers wrote:
On Thu, 27 Jul 2017 17:52:11 +0100
Neil <barnaby@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Neil,

Their original package for Linux was indeed a deb package.
This new one is simply called pcloud. I had to make it executable and

When I went to the pCLoud web site, it offered me this;
since I operate a .deb based Linux OS (Debian testing, in point of fact).

So I'm wondering where you got that pCloud from.

Me too, I went there and got an AppImage file instead which is something
you simply chmod +x and execute directly. Not sure pCloud is even
available repackaged in a PPA so you might want to recheck your download


Hi there,

I explain in another reply. I have been using it for years, from a deb package. Because I am already a user, and with Linux, I received an email from them offering me the chance to move over to this new version which is rewritten especially for Linux. This included a link to a file to download. I don't think that link is yet on their normal website.


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