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Re: [LUG] Update not available


On 27/07/17 17:05, Paul Sutton wrote:

On 27/07/17 16:58, Neil wrote:
I am trying to install a new version of a program that I use and I get
an error message that 'an update is not available'. The packet in
question is linux-x64-prod-v0.4.0.

I have no idea what that is. I have searched in synaptic and it is not
there. Can anyone enlighten me please?



Is the latest version installed for the distribution you are using,  it
may not update until  a newer version is in the repositories.


That is what I find odd. I have tried locate and whereis and also searched in synaptic. It does not appear anywhere. So it does not seem to exist in my distro (Linux Lite 3.4).


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