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Re: [LUG] Update query - Mint 18.2


On 10/07/17 17:27, Edward Lister via list wrote:
> On 10 July 2017 15:23:08 BST, mr meowski <mr.meowski@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The rule of thumb, particularly for non-experts,
> Hi,
> New subscriber here. I just wanted remark that your comment has delivered peace of 
> mind to me because today I installed Mint 18.2 for a client (due to him misplacing 
> his Windows product key) and I selected the aforementioned update policy despite 
> it being labelled for experienced users only.
> If a future update throws a config conflict up I will tackle it as and when, but I 
> don't have any experience with Mint personally so I wasn't sure at the time 
> whether I had made the right choice. It's good to know that my instincts served me 
> well!
> Cheers,
> Edward

Hi Edward, glad to hear it. On systems which aren't mission critical
production units - and which are hopefully being coddled by experts with
very specific requirements and the skills to match anyway - the rule of
thumb is normally patch patch and patch again unless you have the
knowledge to genuinely know better. If in doubt, backup then upgrade
everything. I'm no exception!

Mint is slightly deranged in this regard (in my opinion) - the default
upgrade policy for "novice users" (their term) in 18.2 is *still* to
"Show security and kernel updates so I can review them and apply them
with caution"... Two parts of that are simply objectively mutually
incompatible: "novice users" and "review and apply". What were they

By the way, it's trivial to recover the installation key from Windows if
you come across that issue again. There are many methods but the
simplest is probably this well-known freebie tool:


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