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Re: [LUG] Bash has a new logo


On 05/07/17 08:57, Paul Sutton wrote:

On 04/07/17 12:16, Tom via list wrote:
oops missed the link:
Tom te tom te tom
On 04/07/17 11:45, Melvyn Newbery wrote:
Please explain more. I'm returning to LUG historical software for use
by students of SD College and Big Barn College which I am founding
with the help of many others. Many thanks, Melvyn Paul Newbery
Brunel, Chartered Engineer, also known as Mel Brunel.

Bash stands for Bourne Again Shell,  (If I understand this correctly)
Just to add its called than because its a 'development' of the Bourne shell which is on of the earlier shells (written by someone called "Bourne") and it came to 'fame' as it was the shell used in Kernighan and Pikes seminal (?) book 'The Unix Programming Environment' which was from the days when books smelt - I can still smell that one typing its name!
Tom te tom te tom

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