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Re: [LUG] swap on a separate device.


On Tue, 23 Aug 2016, Tom wrote:

On 23/08/16 19:27, Gordon Henderson wrote:

I didn't put that link to facebook there. Why has your email (Tom) inserted it in at the same attribution level as my post?

There are a couple of things that use a bit more memory that the pi offers but they're not interactive so I'd be happy to leave it to it*. I'd quite like it for hibernate too!

You can't hibernate a Pi. It lacks support and at under 4 watts, what's the point anyway. (Yes, I know, running from batteries, but then how are you going to wake it up?)

*I've built things that needed 64Meg of ram on a 16mhz 386 with 4M of ram before!

Lifes too short these days. Cross compilers exist for a reason...


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