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Re: [LUG] More Scam Phone Calls


On 03/08/16 09:05, Aaron Trevena wrote:

The new practise, apparently, from a freelance mailing list I'm on, is
to instruct you to install screen mirroring/remote desktop software
giving them control of your machine - that way they can install their
own malware and even charge you for it. Really nasty.

..also I can confirm that they get really angry and pretty obscene in
their insults if you start laughing at their poor grasp of computer
networking. I got quite an earful after stringing him along for a few


As the OP I must report that I have had no more calls. This is a bit annoying as I have now decided to try another tactic. Since I really don't have either the time or the inclination to string them along, (since it wastes my time as well), I have come up with a quick way of dealing with it all.

My plan is to say something like this.

Wow, you have taken the trouble to let me know that I have a problem. That is so kind, I wish everyone could be so helpful.Anyway, now that I know I will look into it and sort it out. So thanks again, and bye.

And end the call.

It will be interesting to see if they call back.


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