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Re: [LUG] Xubuntu 16.04


On 28/04/16 10:03, Tom wrote:
I use Xubuntu on three machines here - none have offered to upgrade yet.
New Laptop arriving soon so will install xubuntu on that and give it a
little whirl before making it mine.
It seems a general thing to add some software manager but I always hit
the command line and install synaptic first off. I used mint for while
but found that interfered a bit too much to and reverted to Xfce  -
having dropped the mint to xfce desktop - I just always seem to come to
the conclusion that if something makes a subset easier it just makes the
remaining stuff harder.
Tom te tom te tom

I have now had another play and I am feeling much better. For a start the search for software does work, just not how I expected.

Apparently there will not be an upgrade version ready yet, but that is ok, I plan to install as a new version on my new desktop machine.


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