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Re: [LUG] VM's from disk image


I tend to use ProduKey from NirSoft to recover Windows, Office, etc, license keys:


Does anybody have any good alternatives? Any that support Windows 10?

On 25/04/16 21:22, mr meowski wrote:
On 25/04/16 10:28, Joseph Bennie wrote:
yes - grab the vmware convertor to do a p2v migration:  boot once into win 7 install 
the tool and export the image it creates to an external drive. You can then use 
other tools to convert the vmware image to other formats.

Or swap in  clean hard drive and put the win 7 drive in a usb caddy for later and 
run it natively, if and when you need to.

On 25 Apr 2016, at 09:55, Tom <madtom1999@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've just ordered a new laptop and the old one has a copy of w7 on it that came 
installed and they refused to refund me. I don't ever use it but the other thread on 
VM's reminded me I need to update some TomToms. I don't want to boot into w7 so is 
it possible to make a vm from the existing disk partition?
Tom te tom te tom but not satnav.
Probably worth pointing out here that this will almost definitely
trigger Win7 deactivating itself as from it's point of view,
considerably more than three separate bits of hardware have changed (the
entire system is 'new', so Win7 will presume it's been reinstalled).

Make sure you grab the full installation key beforehand - post P2V, you
will find yourself either calling Microsoft or running slui/slmgr.


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