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[LUG] estival-of-imagination-day-2-programme



I know this is short notice but there is a 2 day festival of Imagination
in HONITON this Friday and Saturday.


I know there are a few lug members up in that part of Devon who may be
interested (or may even be going) so it could be a good opportunity to
meet up with other lug members too.

to give you an idea of what is going on

Things to make â Models, Meccano, Lace
Lots to do â âCraft Physicsâ, Puzzles, Origami Crystals
Experiments â Structure of DNA, âsmart structureâ
Challenges â Spaghetti Tower, 3D Oâs and Xâs
Stories to listen to
Pop-upâ Performances â from Honiton Youth Orchestra & East Devon Dance
Exhibits â Honiton Museum and Exeter RAMM

Maybe of interest


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