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Re: [LUG] Chromium Browser


On 16/08/15 12:03, Neil Winchurst wrote:
As per my previous thread where I have been having problems with
Firefox using my bank on line. I thought I would install chromium
browser to see if it is as bad as I remember. Answer, even worse.

Personal and subjective choice. I switched entirely to Chrome over a year ago. it was not a painless move from FF, but I had become increasingly disenchanted and confused by Mozilla's design choices. The recent fuss about pre-enabled services causing bloat is an example, but they started a long time ago. Chrome is faster and more consistent - once you have become used to it.Â

Firefox was getting seriously bloated and heavy to use. Now - Chrome is no angel for memory use - in fact it's a very hungry hippo indeed, but at least the separate process do allow for much better memory management than FF, which if something leaked, would get big and stay big until a restart. I don't like restarting my browser and ime, chrome is far far more stable.

Where is the menu bar? There isn't one.

Don't need it. (FF lost their standard some time ago too - you can re-enable if of course, but then they were actively trying to mimic Chrome's interface. FF's default 'File' button is similar to Chrome's Menu)

I like to open my browser with an empty tab. Can I do that? No.

You can, it just infills with a search bar, should you want one. That's heavily cached and doesn't impact performance in any meaningful way.
I don't want to find that I have Google up and running when I log on.

Persona choice. I find it very useful but I can understand you might not.Â
There is something called a speed dial which appears on the page. Can I
close that? No.

I don't know what that is. I suspect there is an extension at play. I don't have anything like that with Chrome or Chromium.
The tab bar is in the wrong place.

Um. It's exactly where *I* like it to be!
To me one of the main benefits of Linux is that it should be very
configurable. When FF changed to the Australis set up I didn't like it
at all. However I was able to turn it back to the old look quite
easily. And there was no menu bar, but this was easily restored. Edit,
preferences is very comprehensive. To me this ability to go back to an
earlier look and feel is important.

Alternatively, a piece of software that is identical in behavior across each of its platforms has a big positive for many users who don't care about what OS is running beneath.

Now to remove chromium,

Viva la choice!

Seriously - I was just as negative as you were and moved back to FF several times until my bemusement and frustration caused me to give it a proper go, and I now love it.Â
On 16 August 2015 at 12:43, George ParkerÂ<georgeparker20@xxxxxxxxx>Âwrote:
The stopper for me in chromium has always been tabs. If I hold control and click on a link to open in a new tab I want the browser to go to that tab. The default in chromium and FF is to open the tab in the background but it is simple to change in FF preferences. Not so in chromium as far as I can see.

Just as Firefox got popular through use of extensions, so has chromium.

TabsPlus is the extension you want. (And maybe closetab for a single closetab button if that's your wont).Â

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