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[LUG] Firefox v40 and Chrome


My current version of FF is 40. Today I suddenly had a problem trying
to log on to my bank account. I had a message saying that it had been
permanently moved. (It hasn't.) I have contacted the bank and they
suggest it is a problem with this version of FF or possibly one of my
add-ons or extensions. 

I also have a copy of Opera installed so I tried that and it works as
expected. However, the bank says that Opera is not a browser that they
use, so how about Chromium, just until FF upgrades again and possibly
sorts itself out. (Or I find out which add on is the problem. I have
not touched any add-ons for ages.)

I have tried Chromium a bit in the past and I just didn't like it.
However it may be better now. 

Does anyone  on the list use Chromium? How does it compare with FF? I am
using Xubuntu 14.04 LTS. The version of Chromium in the software centre
is shown as  43.0.2357.130-0ubuntu0.

Any comments or suggestions please?


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