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Re: [LUG] Firefox


On 20/05/2019 19:40, Rich wrote:
Hi All

I seem to remember doing an update on Firefox recently and I am now finding that it is a huge memory problem. Currently looking at the system monitor it using around 1.5gb of memory and all 4 cores available on our laptop. This is a low end laptop but if I just run Firefox all its resources go. Any ideas please?
See you
07546 804439

I gave up on Firefox a long time ago. It was just getting too bloated for me, and some of the tweaks that I liked were no longer available. Nowadays, if I install a new version of Linux it always includes FF, so I just ignore it.

Mostly I use Pale Moon as my browser, and also Vivaldi. If I want something that is, IMO, how FF should be, then I also have Waterfox installed, so I use that sometimes.

Just some ideas for browsers other than FF,


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