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[LUG] Virtualization for web server testing


I want to do some virtualization in association with some web server testing.

So basically on Debian box, spin up a virtual web server (Debian would be fine) 
to run web-apps, and then cull it.

I'll want to throw in some tests using a basic web testing framework.

Since nothing I'm planning on doing is unusual for web testing, but I do need 
it to be easy to do/redo, so ideally as much software as possible from stock 
packages (Ideally from Debian).

A few years back I would have installed VirtualBox or Xen, Selenium web 
driver, some specific version of Firefox, maybe Vagrant if I was feeling 

All I need is to drive the browser through typical stuff, mostly testing 
WordPress site, so login, logout, change some plugin settings, check HTTP 
headers as well as page content, possibly good if I can drive the admin 
section of Chromium and Firefox to set fancy settings (e.g. disable XSS 
auditor, check if HSTS settings took effect for a site etc). If I am ambitious 
I'll kick off some automated security testing.

Looking around the virtualisation options seem to have multiplied.

Docker, Xen, VirtualBox, ....

The test frameworks not obviously so much, ....

How would/do you do this currently, what should I change? Mostly looking for 
stability and ease of set-up for others (or me) running/modifying the same 
test suite, so it doesn't get neglected because "testing is hard to maintain".

Cgroups if definitely sufficient virtualisation, possibly too much, but I don't 
want to use say a local webserver on the same box, because that would be a 
pain for others to replicate. I want all the "set up test" contained in the 
test scripts as much as possible.

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