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Re: [LUG] Video Playing Problem


On 30/12/17 20:43, Richard Brown wrote:

> Ok to answer the first point. When I typed Desktop Session it simply
> said Gnome. So I am assuming Gnome +Xorg. The crashing happens when I
> open a file browser. It also crashes when I go to system. But it
> doesn't all the time and from what I can remember no one single thing
> causes a crash.
> Gnome Shell quit unexpectedly.
> Running Gnome-shell 3.26.2-2.fc27.x86_64
> It won't show me the details just crashes again. It says under reports
> ABRT Server
> Found out more
> reason gnome-software killed by SIGSEGV
> crash function gtk_stack_set_visible_child_name
> As to the Fedy - sorry I did install but can't find anything called
> Fedy. So I presume installing Fedy simply adds the codecs but I'm
> unsure.

Fedy can do quite a lot of stuff including install codecs but you've got
to get it installed first - you launch the program like you would any
other so if you can't find it after running the installation command
from the homepage then something has gone wrong. I'd guess that thing
was probably you not prefixing the install command with sudo? Read your
computer's feedback messages more carefully, it would have told you at
the time quite clearly you needed to run the command with root
privileges. Try again, use sudo and then run fedy afterwards.

As for the other stuff, wow, your problems just never end do they? You
do indeed seem to be running the Gnome+Xorg session type now at least
but gnome-shell crashing every time you open Nautilus or the System
panel sounds pretty terrible. I don't want to open another can of worms
but that needs serious attention as well by the sounds of it. Almost
definitely going to be broken Nivida drivers.

Have you tried any system that _isn't_  hopelessly broken on that
workstation? It seems to be absolute nightmare...

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