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Re: [LUG] Pi Zero + Wifi + Bluetooth = Zero Wireless


On Tue, 28 Feb 2017, M. J. Everitt via list wrote:

On 28/02/17 10:21, Tremayne, Steve via list wrote:
Having just bought a microusb wifi module the other day for a Pi Zero,
I am slightly peeved (but happy) to find that the Zero now comes with
a radio chipâ


Iâd be interested to know which uses less powerâ Zero + USB Module vs
Zero Wirelessâ I presume the latter (newer)â

Ok ok .. I think maybe I might actually part with some cash for a R-Pi
.. this is almost too good to be true .. or is it the next best thing
since Gordon's sliced loaves ... ;)

Given that I don't sell sliced bread ... :-)

I don't have a USB power breakout thingy, so don't know the actual current draw... Don't throw out those exissting Zeros though - plenty of uses for them still!

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