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Re: [LUG] In the hope makers wont meet their makers


On Thu, 2 Feb 2017, Simon Waters wrote:

Reports suggest they had a laser cutter and a laser printer.

Some thermoplastics will produce cyanide gas when burnt/cut, although cyanide and carbon monoxide are both common in household fires so they don't have to be exclusive. Vent fires carefully.

I found out a bit more about this case - they were using a badly made kickstarter (ish) project (forgotten the exact name), but it didn't come with a blower, extractor, etc. and they were cutting/engraving card - they'd left it running and went to bed...

Laser cutters should not be left alone - ever. I've seen cutters that have caught fire. (Usually during engraving when one axis sticks AIUI) Pimoroni (maker of millions of lasercut Pibow, etc. cases) have had a few fires - they also have 6 big machines which are in-use constantly though.

My cutter has a big extractor fan and 150mm hose which goes out the window when in-use.

I've just had a quick look on kickstarter - and I'm somewhat dissapointed at what I'm seeing )-:



No extractor fan, no protection... Run that in your home/office and the stink will be fairly unbearable - not to mention the toxic fumes.


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