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Re: [LUG] In the hope makers wont meet their makers


On Mon, 30 Jan 2017, Tom via list wrote:


So it's a laser cutter, not a "3d laser printer" - the usual lazy journalist crap, however what on earth were they cutting???

CO poisoning is what is speculated ... Typically produced from incomplete combusion, maybe when cutting plywood?

However, laser cutting stinks! I know, I have one - it vents out the window on the first floor. You really could not run a laser cutter indoors without some sort of vent to the outside - they really do make a stink when cutting. Even with mine vented to the outside there is still a noticeable smell when using it - that's cardboard or plywood (the classic "burning wood" smell), or acrylic - smell varies depending on the colour - blue smells like a gas leak...) however the point is; they're all fairly obnoxious and obvious smells - you really do not want that in the house.

(Even professional laser cutting places with proper high power fans to the outside smells when cutting - you really can't miss it!)

So Darwin wins again by the sounds of it.


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