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Re: [LUG] Recommendations for low power proxy/NAS box


On 04/01/17 13:15, Joseph Bennie via list wrote:
> Looking for any of these: 2 premium & quiet >100TDP LGA1366 heatsinks
> with Fan, DDR3 EEC Ram , nvidia tesla grid class GFX cards... for a
> project to build a VM server using an Intel S5500U Motherboard and
> 2xE5520 CPU's. and or an micro ATX case to fit a AAHD2-HY.

*nvidia tesla grid class GFX cards*

Haha, that's quite something to casually throw in there amongst cheap
random parts! You can buy a stack of those prehistoric Xeons for a few
quid on Ebay and DDR3 ECC RAM is easy to get hold of - you're going to
have to bring something pretty major to the table for someone to do
swapsies on a Grid though.

You're also going to be wasting your time putting a monster like that on
such a crappy platform I'm afraid, the S5500 simply won't be capable of
driving it properly. AFAIK all Grid cards are PCIe v3 x16 just for a
start, and even a second hand one would be worth much, much more than
the rest of that ancient server!

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