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Re: [LUG] OT: sms app for Nexus 5


On Fri, 31 Jan 2014, Rhys Stevens wrote:

On 31 Jan 2014 14:08, Gordon Henderson <gordon+lug@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Fri, 31 Jan 2014, Matt Lee wrote:

Try disabling hangouts. In settings > apps... Find it and then disable it.

Which is fine - as long as there is an alternative SMS application
installed. There isn't by default on the Nexus 5.

I have nexus 4 and the predecessor to hangouts is messages... I was lucky when I updated I tried hangouts didn't like and so when back to message's. Is this not an option for you to install?

There are many SMS applications I could install, so it might well be an option, but I am getting on OK with hangouts as an SMS application.

What don't people like about it?


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