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Re: [LUG] serious virus attack on debian - all development halted!!!!


On 25/01/14 11:07, Tom wrote:
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/01/24/valve_free_games_for_debian_developers/

Annoyingly, us lowly Maintainers aren't so lucky: only the 'proper'
Debian Devs are eligible for free Steam access. Which doesn't worry me
at all because I don't game anyway, and the Devs do all the really hard
work so they deserve it. I've got no idea about numbers but I also
imagine that there are a lot more of us Maintainers than actual Devs as

I do think this was a nice gesture from Valve though, all things
considered, and I'm still pretty surprised they went with Debian rather
than Ubuntu. This should have some great results for Debian further down
the line as Valve start contributing serious code:


I'm never going to use it as I'm no game programmer, but all the same.


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