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Re: [LUG] Ethernet over 100 metres


Hi Rob, 

You are quite right in stating that the official 
limit is 100 meters. 
The biggest run I have installed is 
about 90 meters, house to shed, 
and it works fine at 100 
mbit, with mains-powered switches both ends. 
Sorry, no 
experience of POE systems. 

I think you are worrying 
unnecessarily as to whether fibre could be used. 
experience of these things is that the cores themselves are 
fragile, but protected by a tough-as-old-boots 
sheathing system. Get the 
glanding right, and you 
shouldn't have a problem. 

Biggest problem is to decide on 
methacrylate fibre (pro=easy termination, 
con=lossy) or a 
plastic-clad silica fibre (pro=less lossy, con=more 

Happy experimenting!

Regards etc,

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21/01/2014 16:51 
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>Subj: [LUG] 
Ethernet over 100 metres
>Hi folks,
>We're looking at 
running an Ethernet to link two buildings which are 
a distance apart (around 220 metres, possibly around 230 
>Now I understand that the official 
limit on length of CAT5 is 100 
>metres, however I'm 
wondering if anyone has pushed the length any further?

>The thought I had was to run CAT5 to a waterproof box just 
under half 
>way, in there have a 10/100 switch powered by 
POE, and run the rest of 
>the cable to the other location 
(this might be about 130 metres).  I'm 
>not sure if 
putting another switch on the cable run (again POE 
>would be an option due to it being outside (it 
could be tampered with, 
>or eaten by a horse).
than Ethernet (and wireless which probably won't work due 
to line 
>of sight issues), what other options might we 
>I've even considered 10Base2 coax cabling (is it 
still available?) or 
>Thick Ethernet? (only ever seen that 
once at school back in the 90s, 
>again is that still 
available?  Can it go faster than 10Mbit?)  Or... 
maybe I'm verging on crazy now... Token ring?
>Fibre was 
considered but I'm not sure if it would be too fragile to 
>I think ideally it would be nice to have 100mbit, 
but we could probably 
>get away with 10 or 20Mbit/sec.

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