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Re: [LUG] Ethernet over 100 metres


Rob Beard <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Sadly homepages aren't an option, both buildings are on separate
>electrical supplies.

Home pages? Lol I mean home plugs.

>However my Bing Fu kicked in and I found some interesting kit that does
>Ethernet over 75ohm coax.  Using RG59 cable it can reach up to 300
>metres at 100Mbit which would be ideal.  Turns out it's actually for
>replacing analogue CCTV cameras with IP cameras.
>It's about 200 quid for the adaptors and about another 90 quid for the

This got me thinking about Fibre again.  Does anyone know what rural projects like 
B4RN up in Lancashire use?


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