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Re: [LUG] Pi mystery


On 26/11/13 09:27, Philip Hudson wrote:
> Not as described. At Exeter the screen was never powered off and the
> HDMI cable was never disconnected from the screen. But it still seems
> possible that it was something to do with having an HDMI connector.
> Come to think of it... I don't think either of us has ever seen this
> board boot when connected to an HDMI cable.

We should take in to account we were using a hdmi cable connected to a
hdmi - dvi converter. the hdmi converter to dvi then connected to the

Not that it should make any difference,  when the same set up worked
fine on my pi,   so that rules out the cable and connector on the cable
so the issue seems to be from the connector on the pi towards in the pi
itself, perhaps the sd card.   Given you had the same issue plugging the
card in to my pi, 


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