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Re: [LUG] PCI-E Network card


Hi Paul, 

I have several old PCI network cards. How would 
I recognise a PCI-E version?
Any particular pinout or other 
distinguishing features ?

Regards etc,

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>From: zleap@xxxxxxxxx
09/11/2013 23:55 
>To: <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Exeter LUG 
Mailing List"<exeter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subj: [LUG] PCI-E 
Network card
>One of the things that came out of 
the Lug meet  (Ark  pre-school LTSP
>build) on Friday was 
that the ark project now needs a PCI-E network
>card,  we 
just wondered if anyone had one, please.


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