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Re: [LUG] Android NFS and or Samba


On 06/11/2013 13:07, Julian Hall wrote:
Same here.. ES File Explorer :)  According to this forum -
http://tinyurl.com/psofprk - Android doesn't support NFS, only Samba.
however, /this/ one - http://tinyurl.com/qgg8ss6 - says Busybox on the
Android Marketplace supports NFS.

Kind regards,


Another option I'm looking at is OwnCloud. It's a PHP cloud service which runs on Apache (packages are available for most Linux distros) and it has Linux, Windows, Android and iPhone clients available (not so sure about Windows Phone or BlackBerry). It even supports Samba shares for storage on the back end.

The idea I had was when I take photos or videos etc on my phone it can be automatically uploaded to my server using the OwnCloud client rather than it being stored on the likes of Dropbox (which is automatic but I've only got the free 2GB account).

The Android client is 63p on Google Play and OwnCloud is FLOSS so just requires a server to pop it on (and either a static IP or dynamic DNS service with some ports forwarded on your router if you're hosting it on a home server).


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