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Re: [LUG] PI updates


>>>      I have just run
>>>      sudo apt-get update
>>>      sudo apt-get upgrade
>>>      on my pi,  not done this for a while and its my new pi, so a fresh
>>>      image
>>>      and only had the pi a few weeks,  anyway,  the above process
>>> took ages
>>>      due to pulling in lots of new packages / updates so if you have
>>> not
>>>      updated for a while you may want to look in to doing an update.
>>>      it seems to pull in some packages for piface too
>>>      all i wanted to do was install nmap.
>>>      Paul
> You could have just installed nmap!!!
> Tom te tom te tom

I tried that, but it came up with a few errors / messages suggesting it
needed to update things before it could do that,  probably the package
that has nmap was more up to date than other packages on the system it
needed,  so hence it wanted to update things.

Once updated,  nmap installed without issues.

As Rob said its good to keep it upto date anyway,

I just mentioned all this as there is nothing worse than trying to demo
something and have the system require an update as you're doing it, it
takes longer,  and leaves you in limbo part way through a demo due to





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