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Re: [LUG] Anyone want an old UPS?


Gordon Henderson wrote:

Free to a good home...

It's an MGE Pulsar 1500C - the 2U rack mount version. Get the manual here:


This is a good, but old (10 years) UPS and does double-conversion. It's rated at 1500VA - or about 1KW of PC type kit, depending on the power factor. (You'll get about 15 minutes run-time at half load) It has serial and USB connections for monitoring and control (although I've never used them)

The down-side is that the batteries are dud. It needs 4 x 12V 6AH SLAs - which are about £11.00 each at Mole Vallery Farmers.

I put new batteries in it some 5 years ago - I guess they've expired now. The unit beeps and light up the "battery problem" LED... (Which is what it did last time when I replaced the batteries)

You can collect or I'll deliver locally (A38 ish)


Hi Gordon, where do you live? I'm quite interested in this


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