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Re: [LUG] Free ipad to every student????


On 24/12/10 00:26, Dava wrote:
Hi, i know we have all touched the subject on open office/MS office with
schools etc, its quite a strong topic for some! Well how about this... I
have a relative who's daughter attends Liverton Primary school (Newton
Abbot) and she (among the other 30 students) have all been given and
Ipad FOC! This is ludacris! The money wasted on theses Ipads for the
children to use some proprietary, in my opinion, rubbish. Surely the
money should be spent elsewhere, maybe on something that will give some
sort of "education"! Angry birds anyone??? Sorry for the rant, as you
all can probably tell I'm NOT an apple lover at the best of times, but
this has pushed me over the edge!

I would be interested to hear your views on this? Any similar to mine??

Even if it was a good idea, I would far rather they lowered the taxes so that people could get jobs and buy their own...

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