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[LUG] suspend ubuntu 10.10 when boxee is in focus????


I run boxee on one of my revos (ubuntu 10.10 server) but it doesnt suspend, the power button on the revo and the suspend button on the remote are totally non functional when it is in focus. If i alt tab away from boxee to the desktop, the suspend button and wake on usb0 (power button on the remote) work fine. Ive modded the sudoers file so "sudo pm-suspend" doesnt require a password. Even when i invoke this command by editing keyboard shortcuts and pressing the shortcut it still doesnt work if boxee is focused. Im setting this up for my sister and wanted it as functional as possible. Ive posted to the boxee forums and no one know the answer. Now this could be a boxee issue but if i can make ubuntu override this it would be great.

The next problem is boxee is still slightly beta and randomly closes from time to time. As the revo is bolted to the back of the tv it wont be very accessible to reboot jus to restart boxee. Im not to up on scripting but maybe one of you could help me write a script to auto reload boxee upon closure?

Any help would be great


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