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[LUG] meetings a few questions on a bigger event


Now that we have 4 meetings booked for paignton for 2011, I am going to make initial enquiries at local hotels about doing an event for say may or at some point during the summer. quite a few cater for business type events as in rooms + projector,

Are people up for this at a week end in May, can people commit to such an event ?

All we then need to do is work out how to fund raise for such an event, cover room hire costs for the event + 1/2 either side of the actual event for set up / clear away.

Do we want food e,.g simple buffet for the event
What sort of talks do we want
can members sponsor the event? or are people happy to chip in to cover the costs ?

If we are going to have regular meets at the exwick centre in exeter can the details be put on the website please.


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