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[LUG] Software Freedom Day 2011 and more....


Paul and I have been checking out the new library facilities in Torbay.
Besides a well sized hall, media room and various other meeting rooms
they also have training facilities room.

We are planning to book the large hall for SFD (17th September 2011). I
am also planning to book the media room for a meeting on the 6th
November 13:30 - 15:30. This will be open to all members who wish to
inspect the facilities and plan for SFD 2011.

I have also talked to Debby Helmore regarding options for conducting
open source awareness sessions. She has asked me to provide a outline of
our plans.

Assuming that they will not want to have anything permanently installed
 on their PC's I was thinking of using a live cd distro for
demonstrations / training sessions (world domination can come later). I
know Ubuntu install disks work as a live distro, but the possibility of
hitting the install button and accidentally damaging their windows
installs would not foster good relations.

So I am thinking that knoppix and gnoppix will suffer from the same
problem (an option to install), so is there a version of knoppix /
gnoppix  (or another live distro) that has the install options removed?

Comments anyone?


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