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Re: [LUG] An open source alternative to facebook....


On 31/07/10 20:51, Grant Sewell wrote:
> I must be one of the last few people who subscribe to the
> concept of: "if it is personal and you don't want the world to see it,
> don't put it online".

I'm in the hide a needle in a needle factory school of thought.

I'm fairly sure there is some embarrassing personal information about me
on the Internet, good luck finding it, I can't any more.

On the other hand the Hope talks by Steve Rambam make it clear should I
ever need to disappear in a hurry it is time to find one of my real
world friends who isn't on any of the electronic social networks. That
should guarantee any stray friends sign-up to Facebook, as they say a
friend in need is a pain in the ....


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